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Ski Teton Pass Wyoming

Ski Teton Pass Wyoming for some of the best known chutes and ski drops in the nation. When it comes to terrain, this area simply cannot be beat. Few pass up the opportunity to ski Teton Pass Wyoming for backcountry skiing at its finest. If you prefer a more guided approach, consider Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and if you like it a bit more challenging, consider Teton Pass.

Skiing Teton Pass

Teton Pass is easily reached by traveling along Wyoming Highway 22. The most popular route delivers over 10,000 feet of pure mountain with guaranteed powder. Glory Bowl is also nearby and offers 2,000 vertical feet of open lines, trees and stashes. Teton Pass, though relatively obscure worldwide, is no secret. Many locals ski there, so the hills are riddled with people on good days.

Natural beauty

The true beauty of the pass lies in the natural powder and unobstructed view of the Rockies. In order to escape the crowd and feel more in tune to nature, try heading further down the highway to Avalanche Bowl. This terrain is more dangerous, so stay away if you lack the experience or gear to deal with possible avalanches and other disasters.

Teton Pass offers some of the best backcountry skiing in the Rocky Mountains. If you know what you are doing, you are able to experience oneness with nature in the Avalanche Bowl. Even the less experienced have a great time in the pass while meeting locals and enjoying their awesome descents.