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Teton Pass Road Conditions

Backcountry skiing is becoming more and more popular among skiers. You may be headed to the slopes at the Teton Pass, but there are several issues you must keep in mind when visiting. Teton Pass road conditions can sometimes be brutal and have led to accidents in the past. If you venture into this region, you need either to have experience with mountain terrain yourself or to be accompanied by an experienced guide.

How to Determine Road Conditions

The highway gives access to various parking zones along Teton Pass. You should check on the weather conditions before leaving so that you know where you can park safely. A Webcams section of the Teton Pass website gives a continually updated view from the top of the highway, with four cameras at different locations.

Where to Visit

The roads leading to the Teton Pass Ski Resort are considered some of the best in Montana and can even be accessed in mobile homes if the weather is suitable. If road conditions seem reasonably clear, there are several locations worth your visiting at the pass. The main pass can be accessed by traveling west on Route 22 towards the Wyoming and Idaho border. The "three bowls" are also another great location to visit. Nicknamed Glory Bowl, Little Tuckermans Ravine, and Unskiabowl, their slopes are best left to the experienced skier.

If you love to ski, Teton Pass can provide you with an incredible opportunity for fun and sport. Though the road conditions are variable, you should have no problem checking them ahead of time on the Ski Lodge's website. Think safety first, and then hit the slopes!