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Wyoming Highway 22

Wyoming Highway 22, also known as the Teton Pass Highway, is a state route in Teton County. This road runs from the Idaho State Highway Route 33 to the juncture of U.S. Highways 26, 89, 189 and 191. It is a total of 17.53 miles long.

Important cities and towns

The highway passes the community of Wilson, a small census designated place, before turning to head east. At about 13 miles, it joins with the Wyoming Highway Route 390. It then runs over the Snake River before passing by the town of Jackson. Several miles later, the route ends when it merges with the the U.S. Highway.

Teton Pass

The most important region located along this route is Teton Pass. This is a popular location for backcountry skiing. Visitors often stay at the Teton Pass Ski Lodge, which is located along the highway. Before reaching the pass, drivers see several bowls beneath the ridge. These are called Glory Bowl, Unskiabowl and Little Tuckerman's Ravine. In order to ski these bowls, skiers park at the highest part of the peak and ski down.

Road conditions

Wyoming Highway 22 is considered one of the most passable roads in the area. Nevertheless, road conditions are unsafe at times. If you are concerned, view the current road conditions by visiting the Teton Pass website and look at the live webcam view of the area.

Driving along Wyoming Highway 22 offers great views as well as excellent skiing. Remember safety first and check road conditions before you leave to have the time of your life.